About Me

Ryan E. Schroeder




I’m the Product Manager for Sielox LLC, a leader in Access Control Security and Video solutions. I oversee all business related to development, implementation, and marketing of all products related to my company and industry. I’m extremely goal oriented, dedicated, open-minded, and entrepreneurial. I’m the type of person that not only thinks outside the box but is willing to venture outside the lines above and beyond the competition. Over the past ten years I’ve been given the opportunity to gain a vast amount of knowledge and broad skill set working with and for manufacturer’s in the pharmaceutical and security industries. Over this time my roles and responsibilities grew from technician level positions to fulfilling various major roles for several large projects. Due to this rich experience I have gained knowledge and skills that will continue to be valuable throughout my career. I have also ventured into several other industries with much success which has provided me with a unique and broad skill set that can be considered an asset to many companies and businesses. I have explored opportunities in sales, information technology, marketing, photography, writing, and consulting. During my professional career I’ve established or assisted with the start-up of several successful businesses outside of the Pharmaceutical Industry. I feel the key to my success has been twofold: First, my positive outlook has allowed me to persevere where others may have quit. Secondly, my willingness to keep an open mind at all times has allowed me to aim for perfection in all my work. Some of my key goals for the future are to continue my education and make a positive impact contributing to the betterment of future generations.


Project Coordinator, Marketing, Validation, Documentation, Photography, Consultant, Quality Management, ISO 9001, FAT/SAT, Photoshop, Solidworks, Autocad, Microsoft