USA Central’s new venture to help dealers with DIY

DragonFly pairs DIY with professional monitoring


Spencer Ives

PORT CHESTER, N.Y.—Bart Didden, CEO of USA Central Station, today announced the launch a new venture: Security Dealer Network, which will aid dealers in entering the DIY market with its DragonFly offering.

“We’ve made DragonFly as easy as possible for dealers,” Didden, president of Security Dealer Network, said in a prepared statement. “All they need to do is sign up and sell—we provide the marketing tools, a branded Internet landing page, an ecommerce website for customer fulfillment, the app and the video monitoring. It’s a no-risk proposition that enables dealers to get a share of a growing consumer DIY market that would otherwise be lost to them.”

Dealers who sign up get “individual websites which are built, branded and targeted to consumers with DragonFly’s extensive marketing and messaging,” the announcement said. Customers buy and install the equipment, selecting either a professionally monitored option or an entirely DIY model. Dealers receive RMR through the systems monthly monitoring fees.

“Right now, security and alarm dealers’ biggest potential competition is from the many DIY systems proliferating and being sold online and in [big] box stores,” Didden said in the announcement. “DragonFly offers something these consumer systems do not—central station monitoring—which is a tremendous advantage over systems like Nest.” via Security Systems News