Genetec to release cyber hardening guide

Racz: Genetec sees need to ‘raise the bar’ for integrators on cybersecurity


Martha Entwistle

MONTREAL—In its latest cybersecurity initiative, Genetec, a provider of unified IP security solutions based here, is releasing a cybersecurity hardening guide for its integrator partners at the end of February.

“Cybersecurity is everybody’s business, including us,” Pierre Racz, CEO of Genetec, told Security Systems News.

Last week, Genetec had its internal software development conference with 200 developers. The company brought in noted cybersecurity expert Gary McGraw to speak at that conference. “That shows how seriously we take this issue,” he said.

Lack of cybersecurity smarts and best practices “has not been a reason for us to fire any integrators,” Racz said. But, in the future, “we will have to raise the bar,” he said.

As we get [various certifications including] 2701, CGIS and HIPPA we’re going to have to insist that our integrators are compliant as well,” he said.

Genetec’s integrators “tend to be higher end integrators” who use cybersecurity best practices, Racz said. “They think about [cybersecurity] and they do ask questions about cyber,” he said.

Genetec has looked at cybersecurity on many levels. Six years ago, Genetec went through Microsoft penetration testing. Genetec’s “major vulnerability was the equipment we integrated with,” Racz said.

Genetec then worked with its best of breed partners to remove vulnerabilities from their equipment.

To focus attention on this issue, Genetec instituted a Microsoft process called Security Development Life Cycle. Genetec is ISO 27001 certified, a standard certification on the process of hardening against cyber attacks.

Its products “fail secure,” Racz said, which basically means that if they’re not installed correctly they won’t work. via Security Systems News