Tony Cassell: Security is part of the culture at Dropbox

Dropbox global security director shares strategies, principles and tips about how to make beer a part of a security program


Martha Entwistle

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—In his keynote address at TechSec Solutions this week, Tony Cassell, Dropbox global security director, shared a set of principles and lessons for designing and implementing a security program and he emphasized the importance of integrating security into company culture. 

“Making security a part of the culture is much easier than forcing it on your employees,” Casell said.

Cassell has worked at several startups. Before joining Dropbox he designed the first security system for Facebook. He joined Facebook when the company had fewer than 400 employees. How did he incorporate security into the culture at Facebook?

“I chose the lowest common denominator: beer,” he said. 

“Working with some engineers, we rigged up a beer keg with a badge reader and linked our badge numbers to our Facebook profiles. When you swiped your badge, it would pour you a pint, and then take a picture of you with your pint and post it to your Facebook feed. This was a great incentive for people to remember to bring their badge to work. For clarification, I did not install this at every office door,” Cassell said, laughing. via Security Systems News